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Let’s make a difference together!

You may have heard it said that money follows mission—and we believe that to be fundamentally true. When we have a clear ministry focus shared by the entire congregation coupled with the passion for what God is calling us to be and to do in the world—our ministry has the potential to become contagious. That shared vision and collective passion is what draws people in, stirs hearts and changes lives. The Holy Spirit—working in and through you—is what draws people in, stirs their hearts and changes their lives.


With that in mind, while you have now heard it said that money follows mission, we say to you that our ministry and our hearts must follow passion. As a congregation, we’ve identified that intersection—where our ministry, our hearts and our passion have connected with God’s call for us.

Read more about how God is at work in and through Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.


Ways to Give

Financial Giving

Giving involves sharing financial resources with the church, acknowledging that Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a strong and faithful expression of God’s work in our community and world. Members of the community are encouraged to make a financial pledge to support the church. There are many ways in which members and friends can make a financial contribution:

  • Create and manage recurring gifts:

    • Visit our online giving portal

      • Enter the amount you wish to give and the frequency

      • Pay by credit card or automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account

    • Or, you can complete the automatic giving enrollment form and return it to the church office

    • It’s safe, secure and efficient

      • Your gifts support all of the ministries of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

      • Church cash flow improves from your recurring giving

  • Continue to receive or request personal giving envelopes from the church

    • Contribute each Sunday in-person or by mail using checks or cash

    • If you do not currently receive personal envelopes, please let us know so we can order them for you

    • If you no longer wish to continue receiving personal envelopes, please let us know so we can save the expense of printing and postage





Time & Talent

Giving is not only about how the congregation gives financially, but it is also about you. Every member has many opportunities to live faithfully in daily life by sharing their time and talents within the ministry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church (small group leaders, ushers, etc.) as well as within the broader community for the sake of Christ.


To learn more about how you can share your time and talent, please contact us.


The gifts you share to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church make a difference to our church, our community and people of the world.

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