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Our Discerned Vision is the fruitful result of an intentional communal spiritual discernment process. The process involved deep listening and prayerful attentiveness by the congregation to seek the movement and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Our Discerned Vision was affirmed by our congregation in early 2022, and with God’s help and guidance, we are moving with intention to live purposefully into our Discerned and Affirmed Vision.

Affirmed Discerned Vision Statement

We believe that God is calling GSLC to physically go out beyond the walls of the facility to serve human need in deeper ways.  By being more missional, we believe that God is calling us to have the courage to push out beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones and to be open to the kind of change God desires for us and our world.  At the heart of this work are conversations and actions which foster healing and evoke social justice.  The words, “we are called to act with justice…to be hope for the hopeless…” rose up during discernment.

We believe that God is calling GSLC to be more intentionally inclusive by offering a radical welcome to all people- especially the LGBT community, people of color, minority ethnic groups, and people who are marginalized or living in poverty.  This process includes intentional and ongoing practices of invitation, welcoming and connection.

We believe that God is calling us to cultivate a deeper sense of belonging within our community that creates opportunities for all- from our youngest to our oldest members- to engage with one another in meaningful ways, including through a rich variety of worship.  We are called to root more deeply into our belonging in Christ as a close family of God, to celebrate and live into the Gospel of love.

We believe that what has been discerned helps us to be faithful to God by putting trust in God’s promise and God’s plan for us.

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